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"After a while, you start to see the patterns and realize that process fundamentals are universal, regardless of industry - and it's in the fundamentals where the power of scale resides."

-Matt Hubbard

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I met the team at Calabash a couple of years ago when the low code platform we were using was no longer being supported. Calabash was suggested to us to help migrate our systems over and to give some insight into the new platform. In the very short time of us working together, the potential of their expertise and ability to improve our business processes became crystal clear. I have worked with Calabash ever since and continue to utilize their know-how on multiple projects. Not only have they helped save our company thousands of dollars through efficiencies and operational excellence, they have hugely helped improve my own skill set and knowledge along the way. Both John and Matt are worth their weight in gold.
— Brenda Zwaagstra, Director of Operations, Ledcor Group

When I needed to move to a new business platform very quickly, Calabash helped me through a very stressful process - doing everything from evaluating multiple low-code platforms on the market to designing, building, and transitioning all of our data and processes on time and with zero impact to our clients!

What I appreciate most about working with Calabash is their focus on the big picture and the “end game” by building it right the first time instead of replicating inefficient processes for the sake of time. Ultimately, they taught me how to build in low-code, and I’ve used those skills almost daily since we worked together. As icing on the cake, they are just really nice people to work with.
— Tonya Signa, President, Signature Marketing Services

Calabash taught me how to take better advantage of the low-code solution I was already using. The experience has helped me streamline our existing databases as well as build workflows that complement our processes. I couldn’t ask for a more personalized experience – flexible with my schedule, taking time to understand the content and processes of my business, and very responsive, kind, and patient when I needed guidance outside of our meeting times. I’m looking forward to taking what I’ve learned further!
— Laurie Myers, Managing Member, Optimum Land Data Management

Calabash is extremely knowledgeable and patient and made us feel like their only client. They took a vested interest in wanting the best possible outcome for us and asked a lot of questions to understand our business and processes. They were always available for questions and helped train us in how to make changes to what they created moving forward. We were able to keep up with our own work and deadlines while they went to work on our wish list. They weren’t happy unless we were happy, and they always wanted us to have the best solution.

We were looking for one-on-one attention to our project, and Calabash delivered - being able to utilize their experience with process-driven solutions and adapting to the needs of our business. Once we got the first two apps up and running, it was easy to see how we could further streamline our data and processes, which was something we hadn’t expected. We gained so much more than a database since partnering with Calabash.
— Laura Hurt, Legal & Compliance Administrator, RNL

We needed to replace an application that was built on an older technology platform going out of support, it had design flaws and it did not correctly support an important business process anymore. We had a hard deadline only months away, business owners that were less engaged, requirements that were not fully understood, and had some friction between our technology team members.
Calabash took the technical leadership over the initiative. After a short initial analysis they proposed a flexible design for the solution and we agreed an agile approach for the delivery. With this we were able to review working software early with the business owners that both improved their engagement and got us feedback quickly. Calabash did development work and lead our technology team, coaching them on technology aspects but also helped with removing friction and building a well performing team. Calabash was transparent and timely in reporting issues and impediments so that these could be addressed quickly.
We made our deadline and continued the support for the important business process. After the deadline we continued and further improved the application and we exceeded the expectations of the business owners. Calabash left us with a well performing technology team for the continuing support of the application.
If you have the opportunity to work with Calabash I strongly recommend to do so.
— Bart Slaghekke, Global IT Director

Calabash helped us integrate and organize.

Our turn times were cut in half.

Thank you for your patience, professionalism, expertise and guidance.

We had so much fun on our calls with Calabash.
— Anonymous