Calabash is a business process optimization consultancy firm that specializes in process-driven solutions using low-code application platforms.

Our Strategy

Our business strategy is to focus on you, our customer.  Our personalized approach to each client engagement allows us to create comprehensive solutions that are tailored to your company’s unique operational needs.  Through our work, we strive to help you achieve operational excellence by marrying optimized, quality-focused business processes with flexible, modern technology.

Our company mantra is, “Think big, start small, and scale fast.”  At the center of our beliefs is the fact that your business processes and the technology that supports them must be able to evolve to keep up with today’s world of constant change.  As such, we partner with our clients to define a “big-picture” vision for continuous improvement and to create a roadmap to achieve it.  From there, we deliver flexible solutions that not only address our clients’ needs today but also easily adapt and scale to support their future operations.

Our Founders

The happy faces of our co-founders, John Bratincevic (left) and Matt Hubbard (right).

The happy faces of our co-founders, John Bratincevic (left) and Matt Hubbard (right).


John Bratincevic

John is an expert on business process management and technology and has spent his entire career focused on leading operational excellence initiatives for industry-leading companies.  As a solutions architect and consultant, he has personally designed and implemented programs for transportation management, project management, materials management, quality control, safety, procurement, and finance.  These programs were implemented successfully with hundreds of stakeholders in multiple countries.  John was born and raised in Illinois and received a Bachelor of Science with majors in Business Management and Music from Elmhurst College.

Matt Hubbard

Matt has over 20 years of experience in the field of operational excellence.  Prior to co-founding Calabash, Matt served as a senior engineer at Honda of America, Mfg. and as a lean leader at Navistar, Inc.  At both of these Fortune 500 companies, Matt effectively engineered and implemented process solutions for dozens of manufacturing and business problems.  At the core of Matt’s success is his belief that process, technology, and people must be optimized together to achieve a lasting result.  Matt grew up in Southwest Michigan and earned a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan.

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